Does anyone have Robbie’s Tallinn concert in HD and can send it to me? It came on my tv (yes i was pleasantly surprised that tv stations in Singapore aired his concert) and I think I saw a glimspe of myself during Let Me Entertain You.

If you have the whole concert in like mp4 or something similar then send it to me please! Drop me a line. :)

» Gary Barlow live in Dubai - Nightlife Events -

Hi! Is it possible to like your avatar (profile pic)? It is mesmerizing, perfect beautiful adorablecutehot MINDBLOWINGLY SEXY no words can describe it properly... My mind stopped functioning properly, sorry. :D Thanks for the wet Gary gifset. Love them all! xx

I don’t think so, no, but you can see it anytime so long as you follow me? Actually I deleted the previous one accidently so decided to change it. His laughs are the best. :)

THE WET GARY GIFSET IS THE BEST THING WE’VE HAD FROM HIM IN LIKE FOREVER. I think he intentionally tried to kill us by disappearing for 3 months and then reappearing shirtless, chest-shaven, tanned, and WET. Did I mention wet and shirtless?

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Hi! Are still online? Robbie sure needs HD Samsung video for the ice bkt challenge

Sorry I wasn’t online anymore but yes Robbie needed a proper camera. And no, he did not need a shirt on.

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i thought the exact same thing about the camera! MAN, ARE YOU SERIOUS? I wanted to do a photoset and then I saw the quality and said fuck it hahaha

LOL RIGHT?!?!?!? Like no Rob you had a giant monkey head for your last tour and Om in your backyard so don’t tell me you couldn’t take a video with an iphone or your macbook at least.

What's the color of TT member's eyes?

Well I guess it depends on the lighting during photoshoots but I think they all have greenish-blue eyes.

Like does anyone remember Howard’s really blue eyes when he was talking about Jason singing Wooden Boat alone and how proud he was, or is it just me?

Also, this Gary photo is one of my faves.

Just seen that Gary's going to be in a magazine called Sorted that's realeased in Singapore and not here, so we might be needing you to send us Brits things rather than the other way round lol. Next up, a tour!

I’ve just googled and this magazine seems to be from the UK?

Can anyone confirm this? And maybe provide some scans? :)