{7} Favorite 00/10s Music Video → "When We Were Young"
Second single from the EP Progressed.
Released on July 2011

"When we were young the world seemed so old • Careless and cold • We did what we were told in our lives • When we were young • Had the world by the tail, good would prevail, starships set sail • And none of us would fail in this life"  

I absolutely adore you. Ur posts are simply amazing. What is your nickname? Can we be friends there?


Gary’s interview on The Collection Magazine - Thanks to @takethatvideos on Twitter - Here’s the link:

I love your blog! Thank you for all the Gary Barlow gifs. That man is like fine wine, he gets better with age. By the way, do you have a gif of that X-Factor scene when Gary says "Tulisa likes a cock or two"?

Aww thank you!

He really gets better with age, doesn’t he? I don’t even know how.

I did make a rather horrendous gifset at that time of Gary saying that. He’s hilarious and I miss him so much. Sigh.

Gary Barlow attends and performs at the Woodside End of Summer party to benefit the Elton John AIDS Foundation on September 4, 2014 in Windsor, England. {x}