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Gary Barlow & Eliot Kennedy singing the music of Finding Neverland.

So good to hear Gary’s voice again.



Take That: The Circus Live (2011)

"There honestly was not a bad thing to say about this concert. The singing and dancing from the Take That boys was outstanding and the balance of old and new songs was perfect. The entire show was a journey through a circus like no other and would rival the greatest Broadway musical in terms of theatrics, performance and special effects, a credit to the performers and 238 crew members who brought it to life." - Laura Boyd

Never forget where you’re coming from
Never pretend that it’s all real
Someday soon this will be someone else’s dream

As individuals, we’re all right. We’re talented, in our ways. But as a group, we are a force. We are a bond. ‘Force’. Ha! Sounds big-headed. But… you know what I mean.” - Howard Donald.

Have you got any pictures of gary in how deep is your love ?

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In particular, I love this: